New Adventures

In May of 2021 Cory took a new job with a company that was based out out BC. They had just started a branch here in Edmonton, he knew the GM & it was a much better fit. Then in August we drove down to BC, had a holiday, Cory stayed behind to work and we flew home. Fast forward to mid November, Cory headed back to BC for work, ended up getting held up there due to flooding and washed out roads. We flew there to see him at the beginning of December, spent time in the trees, by the ocean and in the mountains. We came home and he stayed on for a little longer. Hearing the happiness in Cory’s voice over his work there, finding a new kind of joy & peace on our adventures and watching Anna get excited about the ocean and it’s marine life made us realize that there was a tugging on our hearts & that perhaps something else was in the works for us.

We started paying attention to all the little signs and listening to the whispers. We began asking ourselves some very tough questions and the answers always ended up in the same place- do it. So we did.

Mid December Cory accepted a transfer to BC. The Wachter’s are moving! The excitement, the sadness, the anxiety, the nerves, the joy. It’s been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. MOVING. Cory moves before us and Anna & I will join him in July once she finishes grade 6. Living without him for months while packing a house, downsizing everything, working 2 jobs, raising a kick ass human, and doing the million other things I’m responsible for (breathe), that hasn’t been an easy thing to absorb. I’m trying not to overthink it but I’m not very good at that.

Cory will be staying in an air b&b and will be tasked with finding us a new home in Abbotsford. We’ll be less than an hour from the ocean, Vancouver, the ferries to the Island & we’ll be surrounded by 3 mountain ranges. Oh, and the trees! The trees are breathtaking. To say I’m excited about our future outdoor adventures is an understatement. I’m not so excited about the cost of living.


I’m currently working, thinking, planning and figuring out what my creative work will look like & how my business will be affected. I plan to keep working & designing kits, plus, if this past 2.5 years have taught us anything- we can do just about anything online.

Feeling all the feels as we set out on our biggest adventure yet.

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