Creative Scrapbooker Virtual Carnival

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I am so excited to finally share this information! I was invited back to teach for Creative Scrapbooker at their Great Canadian Carnival in both Edmonton & Calgary. Covid had other plans for us all and the event had to be re-imagined. The amazing ladies found a way & organized like crazy to bring you a 2 day Virtual Carnival on Friday, September 25 & Saturday, September 26.

I was asked if I would be willing to teach live & while I felt (feel) all kinds of nervous about this idea I immediately said YES! I will be teaching for a 1 hour time slot on Saturday, September 26 @ 10:30am. All classes & demos are free to watch but many of us instructors have created “Craft Along Kits” that can be purchased to have with you while you watch the live feed. All live videos will be saved to YouTube once the Carnival is complete. This allows you to watch at your leisure.


I have created these 6 fabulous cards using Photo Play’s Kringle & Co collection. I LOVE the red/black/white combo used during the holidays and then you add in Santa Gnomes and I’m sold! Kits include all the product, instructions & photos.

You can pop on over to the Carnival to check out all that is being offered. It may not be in person but it’s going to be great!

My Craft Along Kit can be purchased here. Kits will be available for pickup or to be shipped out worldwide.


There are so many classes available for the 2 day event, you can see all the classes here. My dear friend Chantel (who also owns my FAVORITE scrapbook store), is teaching an album class on Friday, September 25 @ 11:00am, Chantel’s Craft Along Kit can be found here.

Thanks for popping by, see you soon.

♥ Nadine



  1. Congrats friend! I am so happy that you get to teach at the Carnival again this year. Too bad about Covid, but I know you will do great virtually!!


    • Hello Stacy!
      Thank you so much for your interest, unfortunately I am not able to make more kits for Kringle & Co. My product was ordered back in January for a class of 19 people (in person). Covid blew that plan to bits & now that the Carnival is virtual we have so many more people who can attend… and buy kits. I do however have many kits to come for the holiday season. I am trying to update my shop (and Treasured Memories Edmonton’s shop) as fast as I can. I design, create & prep all on my own, I wish I was faster. Check back if you’re interested in other kits, these kits are similar in nature and my style is similar from kit to kit. The best place to see the kits first is on my Instagram @ nadinekarendesign
      Take Care.
      ♥ Nadine


      • Thanks Nadine, totally understand and appreciate your quick response. You may have considered this already but others leading classes in the Carnival are offering a full kit incl directions, but also making a separate offer to email just the directions/supply list (for a lower price of course eg $10). It’s perhaps a money making opportunity for you but also a way for others to play along with the class using their own stash, or purchase the kit materials separately from Treasured Memories or other LSS. Just a thought, totally understand if not feasible.


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