Documenting Summer


Product in photo is all miscellaneous pieces from my existing stash.

In 2013 I started posting our summer adventures on Instagram with the hashtag Wachter Summer and the year. #wachtersummer2013 began a tradition of documenting our summer memories. In 2017 I took those photos and started documenting in books so that we could flip through, include so many more memories and make notes about the adventures. It might just be my favorite of all my creative pursuits. It also made me much more deliberate in getting outside to make those adventures. After all, I needed stuff to put in my book.

I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done for myself and my family. I began making the most of our time, planning trips, adventuring right here in our backyard & discovering how much there truly is to do if you’re not gripping about the weather. We get such limited warm weather, I wasn’t going to waste a second of it. The minute it warms up and the sun melts away the snow I am outside. We go out walking on all the local paths, booking early camping trips in May & June when I only would go in July August previously & discovering new beautiful things. It was life changing. That sounds dramatic but it was, it has lifted our mood, our energy & our gratitude. It even made me more positive about the long winters- “What adventure can we do with this snow?” I haven’t come full circle with winter but I’m getting there.


2017, 2018, 2019

These 3 books are packed with adventures, stories and memories. The first year I bought a moleskin journal and quickly realized it was too small. I upgraded in 2018 to a binder style and it was perfect- still packed! but not bursting at the seam.

2017: Moleskin

I add photos, the date (just a roller stamp from Staples), text and alpha stickers for color but you could easily use colored pens for a pop of color. I have so many stickers in my stash that I add those in too when they fit. 2019 was the first year where I went out and bought camping stickers specifically for my book. (I can’t say no to cute stickers.)


2018: Planner from Simple Stories that I never used as a planner

The year I used a binder book and LOVED that I could add postcards and maps. I also had more room to add bigger embellishments like chipboard and pressed coins. I buy postcards and stickers like a true tourist and get them in my book- they’re specifically related to the adventure and add a beautiful touch. This postcard from the Jasper Skywalk is a view I’d be unable to get and the postcard behind it has all the build details for the deck- such great things to add in.


I cut down the photos to fit and I try and get as many as I can onto one page. I had so many photos from this particular day that the journaling comes 3 pages later.


2019: 6×8 album & planner pages

This year I bought an album and planner pages I found on clearance. I don’t worry too much about the pages and what’s on them as I’m going to cover the majority of it anyways. If there is a word or something I want covered, I add a sticker. Poof- gone, no stress. I will say that there are so many planner companies out there with so many packs of small stickers for various themes that it isn’t hard to fine the perfect thing to add in.

I had Cory save that “Super Dad” Starbucks card he got for Father’s Day so that I could add it. It’s the perfect addition, anything goes. Ephemera is always a great touch.


I document our yard, it’s different every year and this year it was extra beautiful because of all the rain we got. I ran out of room when adding the photos I wanted in so I adhered the last 2 pictures to a separate piece of paper and punched holes to fit it in.

There is so much to be thankful for, the big trips and summer vacations are important but so are the little things. Plant shopping,  fires in the backyard, planting the garden, the green leaves against the blue sky, your favorite summer drink, early spring blooms… I could go on and on. The little things add up!

Documenting can be easy and stress free. You don’t need to be creative or a scrapbooker. You don’t need a pile of fancy supplies. You need a book, a pen, adhesive & your photos- that’s it. You’ll never regret getting your memories documented.

Go now, make yourself a hashtag and start noticing all the fabulous things right outside your door.

Thanks for coming by!

♥ Nadine

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