Anna turns 6



Anna turned 6 mid way through November and we celebrated with an “Under the Sea” party. Saying that I loved getting ready for this party would be an understatement. I worked on decorations for almost 2 weeks in between all my Christmas creating. Cory & I cleared out the one room in our basement and I hung up $1.25  plastic table cloths on the walls to create “water”. I pretty much used Pinterest as my bible for these decorations. Seriously- search “under the sea” party… it’s amazing and there are so many ideas. img_9514

We had the girls paint picture frames and then I hot glued shells to them. We hired a face painter and then when all the girls were done we took a group photo. I printed the photos off on my Selphy and we put them in their frames. That was their “goodie bag” as well as one of the mermaid cookies below. The rest of the time was basically free play, eating and chewing as many gum balls that they could get their hands on! You can always tell the kids that aren’t allowed to have gum.


I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented women, my friend Sharla has a Cookie & Cake company and I had her make me these amazing cookies for us! I can’t get over how freakin cute they were! If you need specialty goodies- The Little Cookie & Cake Co is a sure bet and her pricing is so reasonable!

The Octopus (we referred to him as a Sixtopus (hee hee) as I only gave him 6 tentacles) was one of my favorite pieces to create. How cute is he!! The jelly fish were one of Anna’s favorites.  Almost all the rest of the decorations were cut with my Silhouette Cameo. The shells, coral, starfish, mermaids, bubbles & seahorses- so easy and perfect!

We have taken most of the decorations down so we could have our basement back but the jelly fish and Sixtopus remain. This girl makes me so happy and doing a party like this is 100% worth all the fuss. All the little details are as much for me as they are for her. Birthday parties are the best!



  1. That room looks amazing! I bet the girlies loved it. Those cookies are so cute. Parties done at home are always the best. I loved planning birthday parties for my girls back in the day. The loot bags were always my favourite part. Happy Birthday to Anna. She is adorable and has an amazing mama. 🙂

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