My face in print.

I received my copy of the winter issue of Creative Scrapbooker in the mail a few days ago and was excited to open it up to see my work. I am always so grateful when my work is selected to put into print and when I actually get to see it I get all the fuzzy feelings. It’s amazing to be able to share space with such talented ladies and this issue is full of work from some of my closest friends. How awesome!

This issue is also very touching as many of the pages are full of memories, words and tributes to one of their dear friends- Christy Riopel, who passed away unexpectedly in August. They did such a beautiful job of remembering their friend. I was in tears for most of those pages and it all left me feeling so grateful for photos, memories & stories. Take more photos, take more videos, share more stories, capture the ordinary moments- these things are priceless in the face of loss.


My work can be found on pages 106 & 128.



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