Turning 7 & Unicorns


We celebrated Anna’s 7th birthday 2 weekends ago with a Unicorn party. We had a small party at home for our family and a second party at Chuck E Cheese with her school friends. Two parties can be a bit much but having her friend party out of the house worked best, they come, they play, they go home.


Have I ever mentioned how much I love a themed party? ♥



I put a lot of love into this cake, had a little meltdown when I couldn’t get the outside smooth but when I finished I was so freakin’ happy and proud of myself! Anna’s mouth fell open and she squealed, Unicorn cake for the mom win!


I created the unicorn banner and the gift bag (below) using my Silhouette Cameo. It was the perfect decor piece.



My friend Sharla made these fabulous cookies for the goodie bags.


It’s become a bit of a tradition to go to Famoso for her birthday dinner with the three of us. I brought in a sparkler and hoped we didn’t smoke out the tables beside us too bad. This photo makes me so happy, it shows the pure joy that radiates from within her! ♥

It’s good to celebrate a birthday in our house.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, we love you so much. xo

Peony Season


It’s the end of June and that means it’s finally Peony season here!!!


I had one plant succumb to winter kill but the other two made it and one is thriving better than ever before. It literally makes my heart skip a beat when I see them!


I bought my very first plant 6 years ago, I brought it home and discovered that it was covered in ants. I quickly cleaned all the ants off into the dumpster and proceeded to plant it in my flower bed. It died. A seasoned peony growing friend of mine told me they need the ants. I did not like that! Not one bit. I hate ants but I wanted the peonies, I learned to accept that the ants were part of the package. I don’t know what the deal is, I don’t know if they actually need the ants but I’ve been growing the plants successfully since, I’m not about to mess up a good thing.


Lesson learned: accepting things I do not like might yield a beautiful result.

Explore your backyard


MacKinnon Ravine Park – Government House Park

Edmonton, Alberta

Photos taken in May & June 2017

IMG_7565Government House Park

As soon as all the snow melts and the sun is shining bright I head down to the River Valley for my run/walks. I come down here and forget that I’m even in the city. It’s gorgeous, calm and so peaceful. I lose myself in my thoughts and come away more energetic and full of inspiration. This daily practice does wonders for my life.

IMG_7808Groat Bridge

I park in a residential area just off 142st near the 142st bridge. I start there and head out through the MacKinnon Ravine Park towards Government House Park. From there I head out over the Groat Bridge, run a few sets of stairs and then head back. It works out to be about 6km with the stair climbs.

IMG_7812The Downtown view from Groat Bridge.


It’s not a hard 6km, I’m stopping constantly to take in the views and take photographs. Everyday, no matter how many times I see it, this is my routine. Spring/Summer is so short here, I never take these seasons for granted.

IMG_7816Almost to the top of a stair set in MacKinnon Ravine.

IMG_7819The reward for the stair climb. The view south towards Hawrelak Park.


I have began a habit of looking up. The blue sky, the sun, the light, the green- I feel a happiness inside that I can’t put words to.

Get out, explore, there is magic out there if you’re willing to see it.



Dear Anna,


You are growing up way too fast.

I hate it. I love it.

I see your face changing daily and it breaks my heart and lights me up, all in the same second.

I worry that I didn’t spend enough time soaking up baby Anna and every phase after that. I remind myself daily to soak up who you are now before that part of you grows up too.

Every new phase we enter brings new challenges but also new celebrations.

Every now and then I wish I could turn back the clock but then I remind myself how grateful I am for where we are now and the present becomes my favorite phase.

Right now:

  • You are 6 years old.
  • You are so funny & you’re a little too cheeky for your own good.
  •  You love to go on dinner dates and coffee dates.
  • You still love to hold my hand.
  • You are so smart.
  • You are becoming more brave and confident daily.
  • You play with Barbies, Shopkins & Lego.
  • You can read.
  • You love to sing and are always making up songs. This morning I heard you singing about math.
  • Lucy is your best friend.
  • You love to go on family adventures.
  • Your favorite foods are anything potato, grilled cheese, banana pancakes, Nutella on anything and berries.
  • You have lost 6 teeth. 2 pulled out by the dentist, 1 kicked out at recess and 3 pulled out by me. Your toothless smile makes me smile.
  • You love swimming and are working so hard at swimming lessons.
  • You hate bedtime. Bedtime can be so hard. You are a master at avoiding getting ready for bed.
  • Someone said something kind to you at school about your freckles and now you love them. I’ve loved them all along. I hope you learn to love them on your own.
  • You say “I Love You” all the time and leave little love notes in my office for me to find.
  • You only have 34 days left of Grade 1.
  • You take Hip Hop classes, swimming lessons and have joined the running club at school.
  • You really want to read/watch Harry Potter but you’re afraid of Voldemort.
  • You love Snapchat & I always find the funniest pictures on my phone.

PicMonkey Collage

Anna, you are my favorite & I am so grateful that I get to be your mom.




My face in print.

I received my copy of the winter issue of Creative Scrapbooker in the mail a few days ago and was excited to open it up to see my work. I am always so grateful when my work is selected to put into print and when I actually get to see it I get all the fuzzy feelings. It’s amazing to be able to share space with such talented ladies and this issue is full of work from some of my closest friends. How awesome!

This issue is also very touching as many of the pages are full of memories, words and tributes to one of their dear friends- Christy Riopel, who passed away unexpectedly in August. They did such a beautiful job of remembering their friend. I was in tears for most of those pages and it all left me feeling so grateful for photos, memories & stories. Take more photos, take more videos, share more stories, capture the ordinary moments- these things are priceless in the face of loss.


My work can be found on pages 106 & 128.