Around here…

So much has happened since I wrote in September (how does time go so fast). My online shop has been up and running and I’ve been changing what I offer consistently. I just wish I could make more, more often. But I’m just so grateful for everyone that comes by to check it out or make a purchase. There’s some learning curves and I’m not very patient when it comes to technology so that helps ;).

Maggie loves the friends too.

Anna has settled into her school and has made a great group of friends. They’re fun, funny and they have each other’s backs. They have Christmas & Valentine parties and they draw names to exchange gifts. There’s inside jokes and group texts & silly stories. It’s so great and I’m so happy for her.

(And we got a dog in January.)

We celebrated Cory’s 50th birthday at the beginning of April. We went to the Island and spend the weekend in Nanaimo. The trip was great but a highlight for all was spotting Orcas from the Ferry.

And the most exciting thing for me personally is a fun, creative trip to Newark, New Jersey to The Blooming Wild Weekend this weekend. I’m actually writing this on the plane, with a Prosecco & cheese tray, I’m feeling very posh. We’re somewhere over Ontario and have an hour left. The event is hosted by Shara Crane & Paige Evans with 2 guest instructors, Vee Morales & my dear friend Kelly Daye. We’ll take 6 classes, have 2 different swaps, photo opportunities & shopping.

These are the swaps I’m participating in, 2 insert swaps and a Memory Dex card. The inserts will be bound with planner discs and I’ll make a holder for the cards when I get back. We made 3, will get three in return. The whole thing is exciting. There’s chatting in the Facebook group and a sense of bonding even though (almost) everyone is a stranger.

I’m excited to share the weekend with you through social media.



  1. I’m smiling the whole time reading your post because so much has happened since you wrote it. Wow! Calamity, joy, mad laughter, hugs, tears, scrappy fun, more tears, more airline antics and home again. LOL, no wonder I feel beat! But my heart is so full for the time we had together. You make me laugh so hard and cry so hard too. That’s what love does to you, and I love you dearly! See you again soon my friend xox (PS, the meds kicked in, I haven’t cried once today 😁). 💗💗💗


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