Around Here

  • We are in our last 2 days of online learning & I am grateful, Anna is grateful. I am her BFF’s childcare so they’ve been together this go and that has made all the difference. They can bounce ideas off each other, gossip and laugh at the boys who show up to class with no shirts on.
  • Last year Covid cancelled Anna’s dance recital and it was heartbreaking for everyone. This year, Anna was able to do the recital because of all the hard work & juggling of her teacher & studio. They filmed outside with us watching from our cars. The filming company will take all the dances and create a video for us. Another thing to be grateful for.
  • We got our vaccine! We got Phizer and had no side affects except me with a very sore arm. I am beyond ready to be over this all and the vaccine is one step closer.
  • I am trying to get outside as much as I can to enjoy the sun and move my body. For the locals: My favorite spot to walk is from the Terwillegar dog park to the Fort Edmonton footbridge, this bridge is beautiful!
  • The weather got SO nice, I bought my plants and spent 4 days cleaning up the yard, planting and organizing. It was the most joyful I’ve felt in a long time. Then came the May snow (which wasn’t in the forecast when I bought) & I went into Momma mode protecting my new plant babies. People often tell me to wait, I am not one to wait when I get something into my head, plus… if you don’t buy early, there isn’t much left to choose from. I will keep buying early and I will keep covering & packing. The 4 days of solid joy are worth the extra work.
  • We took a trip out to the Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary and explored the various trails. It looked busy as we pulled up and saw all the cars but we hardly saw anyone on the trails and that’s just how I like it. (unless I’m in the mountains & am worried about bears & big cats)
  • I’ve been working on various projects for the last few weeks, a card collection using Sea Dream from Stamperia and another using Happy Birthday from P13. I’ve been working on 2 separate projects for Creative Scrapbooker that I am super excited about and will share more about later on. I also just finished up a travel journal album using Wolf Pack from Heidi Swapp. This is my first time making one of these and I think I am in love. I love how it looks, how it comes together & how versatile it can be.
  • This biggest news around here though is that Cory got a new job! After 9 years at his job he decided it was time to leave and work for a company that values their employees, respects their employees & appreciates & rewards hard work. I am so proud of him and what the future holds. Plus, since he’s started the new job he’s been able to go to Canmore and Jasper twice! I’m here for that, how do I get in on that trip!

Thanks for stopping in. ♥ Nadine


  1. What an awesome update Nadine. I have so much love in my heart for you three and happy to hear all the good news. Exciting that Cory has gone to a company that will value his hard work. Awesome sauce and sooo admirable during these times when there must be a lot of candidates looking for the same jobs! But they chose your hubby! What a proud moment. Wishing sweet Anna a smooth and happy return to school and can’t wait to visit in your garden ! It looks beautiful !! Love and hugs xK


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