Happy 18th Charlie!


I’m so lucky that this guy is here & celebrating 18 years. His birthday was on March 9 and he was very excited about his birthday bow tie… not really but I can’t handle how cute animals are in bow ties. 

18 years ago I walked into a pet store to pick something up for my other cats (I had 2 more at home) and walked out with a new cat. He was sleeping in a ferret hammock, I was watching him and thinking how cute he was. A worker came up to me and told me he gave kisses, I asked to hold him, she gave him to me & he fit right into my palm. He leaned forward and kissed me on the nose. I turned to the worker and said “I’ll take him.” I pulled out my bank card for my student loan money and paid way too much, it was worth it but I  probably had to work extra shifts for my actual school supplies.

He had been surrendered to the store by his previous owner who discovered she was allergic after she took him home. He was only 3 months old, and as cute as could be. His name had been Jacob but I knew he was a Charlie. I can’t imagine how sad she must have been but he has lived a pretty charmed life and he truly brings my heart happiness.


This page was created using the Birthday Boy collection from Photo Play. These papers were one of my assigned design team kits for Treasured Memories and I wanted to use it for a birthday but not a person birthday. I find that people (myself included) get stuck in a rut and don’t think outside the box. Birthday boy paper- needs a birthday boy. Cat pictures- need cat paper. When you think outside the box your options for what’s available open up greatly.


Tip: need circles? Trace bowls, plates, cups, etc and cut them out.

Have a sewing machine? Don’t be afraid to use it on paper, change your needle if you sew actual fabric (mine only gets used for paper lately) and clean any dust from the paper with a can of pressurized air. Sewing adds such a fabulous touch, I just love seeing how people use their machines or hand stitching.

Thanks for popping by.




  1. Hello, hello my dear 😀 How nice to find you here on WordPress. Me too 😀 Originally I began to write at Boomdeeadda then added Kelly Made It for my crafty endeavours.

    Your post was a delight to read and I loved seeing the close ups of Charlie and your layout. The sewing looks great and I noticed the half circle cut-outs with stitching too. Fun! Cheers dear ❤ K

    Liked by 1 person

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