I make cards.


These beauties were created for Treasured Memories for my January class. I love Kaiser Craft, their papers are always beautiful and they always have a paper that I can cut up and turn into embellishments, like those butterflies. I am sure I drive people crazy with all the fussy cutting that is required in my kits but people!!! These butterflies are perfect!


Funny story, I used to hate making cards. A lot. I was asked one day if I’d make a card kit and reluctantly, I said yes. I struggled with the first one but then it got easier, I developed a style, I got a bit of a following at the store and poof. It’s been at least 6 years and there’s been 100’s of cards made. 100’s!! And now I love it. KC, if you’re listening- thank you for asking all those years ago.


This next collection is made using Prima pattern papers for my February class. These cards were super popular at the store, the blues & pops of foil are just beautiful! Adding gold and glitter never hurt either.


Thanks for stopping by, to check out my March class at Treasured Memories, pop on over here.


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