This year’s one little word is an extension of 2018’s word, Thrive. Last year I used thrive to push myself out of my comfort zone & to begin removing myself from situations that made me small. Thriving was about flourishing & being prosperous. (Prosperous in the sense that I was actively inviting more joy and positive energy into my life. ) This word served me well and I wanted to build on it, enter Vitality.


  • to have great energy & liveliness
  • great physical or metal energy
  • to have the power to endure, survive, thrive
  • the state of being strong & active
  • the capacity to live & develop

For me it’s about continuing to grow and to put myself in situations that bring out the best in me while continuing to remove myself from energy & situations that brings out the worst in me. It is about doing things that allow me to grow. It’s about living my best life. It’s about action. IMG_5392We’re 2 months into 2019, how has it been going? I’ll be completely honest, it’s been really tough. I have to make a conscious decision almost daily to focus on the positive instead of just flowing into it. To look for it and acknowledge it. This winter has really gotten me down, I feel trapped. To try & turn my energy around I have been surrounding myself with joyful people, events, things & starting every single day with a gratitude list. It’s helped so much but some days it just feels like work. I know winter will end, this trapped feeling will pass and I’ll move forward. I keep putting in the work, acknowledging the wins and forgiving when I choose to wallow. It’s all part of growth.

This year I would like to invite: More joy, more adventure, more forgiveness, more peace, more success, more calm in my reactions to events outside of my control.

What I hope to let go of this year: Limiting beliefs. 


 Do you have a word that inspires you / guides you / lifts you up?

If the concept of One Little word is new to you- please check out this post from Ali Edwards. She has inspired me over the years and has brought this concept & process into my life. 



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