One Little Word 2018


The New Year is always a welcome time for me. I love to reflect and set new intentions for myself and as I get older (and wiser) I find it so much easier to focus on what truly matters, what will actually bring me joy and what expectations I can let go of (this one is not so easy).

My word for 2017 was Invest and it changed me, it truly did. It made me a better and kinder person- to myself. That my friends is a huge win! I have some thoughts bouncing around my head about last year and things I want to share but I’ll save that for later. You can go back and read what I wrote about Invest here  from January of 2017.

For now, let’s focus on Thrive, this year’s word. I had originally decided I would keep Invest for 2018 because it resonated so much. Thrive popped up for me one day and I knew it was the word I would use to guide me and help me set my intentions. Thrive felt like a step up from Invest.

(If the concept of One Little word is new to you- please check out this post from Ali Edwards. She has inspired me over the years and has brought this concept & process into my life. )

Defining Thrive: To grow vigorously. To reach a desired level of accomplishment. Synonyms for thrive include: arrive, flourish, prosper, succeed, prevail and triumph.

I took Ali Edwards’ OLW class last year, I liked it a lot but only participated in about half the prompts. I didn’t sign up again but instead decided to use the 2017 class prompts that I really resonated with to keep my focused on this year’s word.

Here is some of my journaling for Thrive:

This year I would like to invite: Success & abundance into my life. To grow physically, mentally & spiritually.  To be the best version of myself.  Integrity- stand up for what I believe in.

This year I hope to let go of: The belief that I am small, that I can not make a difference, that I am a quitter. To let go of negative energy and resentment. To distance myself from relationships that invite negativity in me.

I also wrote a love letter to myself from future me, she had some really great things to say. 😉

I shared this photo on my Instagram and asked the question: How about you? Do you have a word? I heard back some really great answers/words.

 How about you reader? Do you have a word that inspires you / guides you / lifts you up?

♥ Nadine






  1. We’ll, you already know my word and how I feel about OLW. (still love it!) And I am SO PUMPED for your word this year!! I am excited to see you thrive.


  2. […] year’s one little word is an extension of 2018’s word, Thrive. Last year I used thrive to push myself out of my comfort zone & to begin removing myself from […]


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