Making the most of Winter.


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The winter can be dreadful, with temperatures feeling like -37 or worse it can be hard to love this season. Never mind love, it can be hard to even like it. The cold temperatures leave me feeling trapped so the second it warms up we head outside. I want to like winter, I want to show Anna how great winter activities can be. Without the winter & the snow there are so many things we couldn’t do. Sledding, building snowmen, snowshoeing, skating (outside), snowball fights- the list goes on.

This past Christmas I wanted to get us all something that we could do together, outside and as a family. We decided on snowshoes.


Our river valley is gorgeous, there are so many places to go and better yet-  they’re all free! The valley golf course is open for cross country skiing and snowshoeing and it’s a beautiful backdrop, especially with those bright blue skies & sunshine.


Snowshoeing, sledding and building snowmen are my favorite winter activities. I also love the sound of the snow crunching under my feet.


Our Olaf has since melted to the point where his face fell out and then he froze again into a big ice blob but we enjoyed him while it lasted.


Anna’s favorite winter activities include sledding and snowball fights. I had to dive out of the path of this one and ended up getting more snow down my pants than if I’d have stayed in one place and let the snowball hit me. She thought that was pretty darn funny and considered it a win.

What do you love about winter?


  1. A beautiful page and I love that title. Awesome snowman! It has taken me a long time to enjoy winter. It really is beautiful and you guys look like you are really taking advantage of it. I would be sad to live in a climate without winter. I still get that happy feeling when the first snow falls. Just like when I was a kid. You are living in the best city for winter. I love how Edmonton has done so much to help us all embrace this 8 month season. 😉


  2. I read your posts monthly, loving all your insights you share. I love the pages you design and cards. I Have been in your classes and find you extremely talented and patient too! I really enjoy your way of putting a page together of your family. Your daughter, Anna is so adorable and everyone looks so happy in the photos. Keep on enjoying your family life!


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