Here Comes Santa Claus: a card collection


These cutie cards were created using pattern papers from Echo Park’s Here Comes Santa Claus collection. I created them for my October 1st card class at Treasured Memories but these are also available as take home kits. I love the pops of black mixed into the traditional colors. I also have a newly found love of Nutcrackers. I started collecting them a couple years ago and these nutcracker stickers made me smile.


At a class last week I described my process of card making as building a puzzle. I start with a background and build up from there. I tuck and pop and tuck some more. Layer after layer until I like what I see. Sometimes I don’t like them at all and I have to walk away and come back to them later.


Sometimes assembly of the card is easy and describing it in instructions is pretty straight forward. Other times I have to work backwards and figure out which piece came first so that I can tell my participants how to build their own version.

I tell my students it doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Some respond well to that, others -not so much and we work to make it as close to the demo as possible. They like what they like, I get it! That’s why they signed up or bought the kit.


Sometimes my kits sell out right away, other times it takes many weeks for them to leave the shelf. Over the years I’ve more or less come to know what people are looking for and then other times I totally miss the mark. I won’t lie and say it doesn’t get me down, it does, but I let myself feel bummed out and then I get back to work making the next demo. I love making and I love teaching and that is what keeps me going. Plus, the new paper that comes out each season always seems to keep getting nicer & more beautiful and I have a weak spot for beautiful paper.

You can head on over to this post to learn more about this card collection & class. You can register for class or a take home kit at 780-414-1540 or pop in at 5218-86st.

All these wonderful papers can be found here in Treasured Memories’ online shop.

Thanks for popping by.

♥ Nadine



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