Design Work: Disney


Scrapbooking your photos outside the box is something I mentioned in my last post and these 2 pages are the perfect example of that. These photos are Disneyland at Christmas but there is no themed product here. I used the Treasured Memories March month kit, which was heavy on spring colors & florals. I don’t care if there are Christmas decorations in the background or that we’re wearing our holiday ears, I used papers and photos I loved. That doesn’t mean that I won’t use these photos, or similar photos on themed paper next time. This willingness to just create opens up my options greatly.

I think if we let go of the idea that our creating needs to be done a certain way we’d be happier and much more productive. Just create because you love it.

disney 2


  1. I loved these LO’s and the photo’s you shared too. You two are the cutest team 😀 Like I often tell people, we’re not making documentaries, use what you love. ❤ xk


  2. I love everything about these layouts! But especially your cute faces!!! My Disney pages are some of my favourite, and I don’t think I’ve ever bought a disney-specific paper or sticker.


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