2016: One Second Video

It’s been 2 weeks since we said goodbye to 2016 and  I wanted to share a little recap. This past year I downloaded the One Second Everyday app to record our year. It’s a visual diary, one second captured daily (or not) and then pieced together to create a movie. Honestly- it’s amazing. The finished movie made my heart so happy.

Here’s a few things worth mentioning:

I was not consistent but I love this app & I 100% recommend it. I am using it again this year, seeing the finished product is so amazing to me.

The idea is that you take a video every single day, load it into the app and then it helps you trim out 1 second. At the end of the week, month , year you can mash them all together and you have a mini movie.

Once your video is in the app you can delete the video from your phone storage to save space. The video on the app is only a 1 second snip so if the video was one I wanted to keep I downloaded it to my computer before deleting from my phone.

I did not take a video every single day, I pretty much missed all of March.  I  did not stress about it. I did  almost always have a photo from the day (October is mostly photos) and I loaded the image to the app instead. Not as great as a video but a memory captured and that really is what this was all about for me.

2016 in 1 seconds…

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