First Day of Fall


Today’s the day… officially. As far as I’m concerned it’s been fall for almost 3 weeks already. The weather is cool but the sun is still hot on your face, the leaves are all changing and falling… what’s that saying- if it looks like a duck. Anyways… let’s talk fall. The changing of the seasons is always so refreshing. I know that winter is just around the corner but still I get excited for the move from summer to autumn. It is just so flipping beautiful! Dare I say it may be more beautiful than summer as far as colors go.


I  love the cool breeze and the hot sun. I love the colors, man do I love the colors! I love the sounds and the rustling leaves. I love scarves and boots. I love getting cozy and lighting candles. I love baking and cooking all those meals that remind you of comfort. I love opening the window and then laying on the couch in a pool of sunlight. I love Sunday football with Cory- not for football necessarily but for the snacks he makes and the lazy cuddles on the couch.  All these things mean fall to me.


A little fall inspired scrapbooking using the Warm & Cozy collection from Pebbles Inc.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m off to kick my way through all the leaves as I walk over to Anna’s school for pickup.



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