Ice Castle 2018


Edmonton Ice Castle. Sunday, January 21

This is our third year going to see the Ice Castle and this was my favorite visit. We went during the day (ticket time for noon) as opposed to a 4:30pm ticket time so we got to see everything in the day light. Seeing the ice lit up at night is definitely beautiful but I felt it was so much nicer during the day, especially because we had a beautiful day with sun and blue skies.


The detail created as the water froze is just beautiful. I think this Castle was bigger than past years but I’m not certain.


There were so many spots where the ice hung down, it’s just amazing. I have been fortunate to see ice like this in nature while hiking the Maligne Canyon in Jasper but this is a pretty great option if you aren’t going to ever see it built by nature.


We went on a Sunday at noon (which is the first ticket time for that day) and it wasn’t busy yet. It was actually perfect, no big crowds yet & no crazy line ups for the slides.

Weekends are more expensive but if you purchase your tickets ahead of time online you save money and don’t have to stand in line for standby tickets (there are only so many tickets allotted to each time slot).



The slides are fast and so fun! We all went down multiple times, Anna could have kept going all day.


IMG_4453 (2)



If you get the chance- go, see the ice! It’s amazing. Our winters are long!!!! so we might as well make the best out of it.

One Little Word 2018


The New Year is always a welcome time for me. I love to reflect and set new intentions for myself and as I get older (and wiser) I find it so much easier to focus on what truly matters, what will actually bring me joy and what expectations I can let go of (this one is not so easy).

My word for 2017 was Invest and it changed me, it truly did. It made me a better and kinder person- to myself. That my friends is a huge win! I have some thoughts bouncing around my head about last year and things I want to share but I’ll save that for later. You can go back and read what I wrote about Invest here  from January of 2017.

For now, let’s focus on Thrive, this year’s word. I had originally decided I would keep Invest for 2018 because it resonated so much. Thrive popped up for me one day and I knew it was the word I would use to guide me and help me set my intentions. Thrive felt like a step up from Invest.

(If the concept of One Little word is new to you- please check out this post from Ali Edwards. She has inspired me over the years and has brought this concept & process into my life. )

Defining Thrive: To grow vigorously. To reach a desired level of accomplishment. Synonyms for thrive include: arrive, flourish, prosper, succeed, prevail and triumph.

I took Ali Edwards’ OLW class last year, I liked it a lot but only participated in about half the prompts. I didn’t sign up again but instead decided to use the 2017 class prompts that I really resonated with to keep my focused on this year’s word.

Here is some of my journaling for Thrive:

This year I would like to invite: Success & abundance into my life. To grow physically, mentally & spiritually.  To be the best version of myself.  Integrity- stand up for what I believe in.

This year I hope to let go of: The belief that I am small, that I can not make a difference, that I am a quitter. To let go of negative energy and resentment. To distance myself from relationships that invite negativity in me.

I also wrote a love letter to myself from future me, she had some really great things to say. 😉

I shared this photo on my Instagram and asked the question: How about you? Do you have a word? I heard back some really great answers/words.

 How about you reader? Do you have a word that inspires you / guides you / lifts you up?

♥ Nadine





Turning 7 & Unicorns


We celebrated Anna’s 7th birthday 2 weekends ago with a Unicorn party. We had a small party at home for our family and a second party at Chuck E Cheese with her school friends. Two parties can be a bit much but having her friend party out of the house worked best, they come, they play, they go home.


Have I ever mentioned how much I love a themed party? ♥



I put a lot of love into this cake, had a little meltdown when I couldn’t get the outside smooth but when I finished I was so freakin’ happy and proud of myself! Anna’s mouth fell open and she squealed, Unicorn cake for the mom win!


I created the unicorn banner and the gift bag (below) using my Silhouette Cameo. It was the perfect decor piece.



My friend Sharla made these fabulous cookies for the goodie bags.


It’s become a bit of a tradition to go to Famoso for her birthday dinner with the three of us. I brought in a sparkler and hoped we didn’t smoke out the tables beside us too bad. This photo makes me so happy, it shows the pure joy that radiates from within her! ♥

It’s good to celebrate a birthday in our house.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl, we love you so much. xo

Cards for kids.


These cutie patootie cards were designed as a kid’s card kit for Treasured Memories. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out various animals and then added in unique touches to make them my own, google eyes, ribbon scarves, gems for snow and candy canes. My favorite cards are the two holding candy canes and as it turns out they were the kid’s favorites too. 😉


Winter Wonderland Card Kit

I used Graphic 45’s newest Christmas collection for my latest card set. These papers are gorgeous and have beautiful birds and poinsettias that made the perfect embellishments once I cut them all out.

These cards are available as a class spot on Thursday, October 26 at Treasured Memories or as a class kit to take & complete at your leisure. All the details can be found here.

This is 39.


I celebrated my 39th birthday on Monday. Cory, Anna and all the wonderful messages I received made my day so lovely. I am just so grateful and I look at each passing birthday and each new day as a redo. A chance to put my best self forward.


Realizing this and putting my best self forward is not always easy. I started having quite a bit of anxiety about this birthday back in August. Thirty nine means I’m just a hop, skip & a jump to forty and that made me acutely aware of my gremlins. Gremlins that speak to me about lack and insignificance. It was hard.


I’m like anyone, I want to be better. I want to do better. For me this looks like putting myself first and that is not an easy task for me. While on a trip at the end of August I told Cory about these gremlins and then I made some very big, very bold proclamations about what I wanted. It sounds dramatic and it was. I was standing on a mountain, overlooking a gorgeous valley with the sun beaming down on me. I had tears streaming down my face. I was having a moment. I made promises to myself in that space that I have been working on since I got home.


Choosing me and putting my interests first has been a struggle but I’m slowly easing into it. One day at a time, reframing my thoughts at each step.

I look forward to 40, I have a plan to stand in the ocean as my best self and then to raise my arms to the sky and say thank you. As I blew out my candles on Monday I wished for the guidance to lead each day with love, compassion and kindness, for myself and for everyone around me. I truly believe that with these three things we can change lives.

♥ Nadine

Recommended reading for a little soul work: Brene Brown’s Rising Strong & Braving the Wilderness