Goodbye 2018: the highlights

We’re half was through January and I was going to dive right into 2019 but there’s so much to say about the past year. I try not to think back on all the things I should have posted about or the time I didn’t commit to this space but there really are so many adventures, stories, highs, lows, lessons & celebrations. I wanted to share a snapshot of the past year, these are the highlights, don’t be fooled and think there were no struggles because there were but looking back I can say there were more good days than bad. I am truly grateful to be able to say that.  It took me almost a week to sit down here and sort out the photos for this post but in the end it was worth the time. I’ve included links where relevant.

Here’s a peek into our highlight reel


January: We went to Banff & Lake Louise for the Ice Magic Festival. The ice carvings were unreal, I just can’t fathom how these artists transform a huge chunk of ice with a chainsaw.

jan 2

January: We went to the Ice Castle for the third year in a row, you can see our pictures here. I haven’t got tickets yet this year… I should get on that.


February: I love Valentine’s Day, always have. Single or in a relationship. I love love. I started celebrating “Gal-entines” two years ago by sending my lady friends a card and treat in the mail. It’s the best.

feb 2

February: Cory took gold and won the belt in a jiu jitsu tournament. We all took turns wearing it around the house like champs.


March: Anna performed in her second recital with J’Adore Dance. Production theme: New York.

march 2

March: Charlie Boy celebrated 17! He shared a can of tuna with his sister and I tried not to yell at him for whatever he got into.


April: Cory celebrated 45. I made a big meal of all his favorites and this amazing cake (and the macarons).


May: the weather was incredible this month and we were able to get outside, explore and enjoy the sun. We headed to Jasper for a last minute camping trip. We slept in the back of the Rav, ate picnic style for all our meals and packed as much as we could into 48 hours.


May: the unusually hot weather was such a treat. I pulled Anna out of school one day and snuck her to a spray park. It was the best.


June: we tried to explore around home as much as we could. We checked out the Funicular here in Edmonton for Father’s Day.


June: We went to Calgary for a night, hit up the Luge park, bought a 5 ride pass & squealed the whole way down every single time. We woke up early and headed out to Banff.

june 2

June: Banff  for the day. We hiked, rented a canoe, shopped for rocks, had a picnic and then drove back  to Edmonton, getting in around 11pm. It was a very full day but we crashed into bed with full hearts!


July: Salem celebrated 18!!! She shared a can of tuna with her brother and let me know she did not approve of all the birthday snuggles I was giving out.

july 2

July: I completed a 100 day project I had began in April. My “project” was one of fitness and the goal was to move my body every day for 100 days. It was an incredible experience. I learned so much. (That would have made a great post. Maybe I should write about it. Maybe that ship has sailed. How long ago it “old news”? Is that a thing?)

july 5

July: I had the second annual Auntie camp & we packed 4 days full of fun! Cory got sent out of town for work so I was on my own. We went to Chuck E Cheese, the zoo, we hiked, threw rocks into the river, ate ice cream, drank a million slurpees, shopped at Chapters, went to 2 different spray parks, had backyard pool parties, movie nights & popcorn. The list actually goes on. It’s one of my absolute favorite summer traditions.

july 4

July: We went to Jasper for another camping adventure. This trip we got up super early & drove up the Icefields Parkway  to go to the Glacier Skywalk. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible it was. The Skywalk is located 280 meters (918 feet) over the Sunwapta Valley and the glass floor is both fascinating & disturbing. I was blown away by the construction and the sheer height of it. It is a must see if you’re in the area (you need tickets & the earlier you get there the better). We then hiked out to the Columbia Icefields and had a parking lot picnic.

july 3

July: We bought a canoe! A dream of Cory’s since we started dating. I can not wait to take it to the mountains with us!


August: Anna & I went on a girls trip to Calgary & Banff. First stop was Calaway Park. Despite our faces we love this ride and had such a great day.


August: Girl’s Trip Part 2, I got tickets to the Panda Breakfast at the Calgary Zoo for the two of us. We started the day with a breakfast buffet, then we listened to a talk about the Pandas and conservation. After that we were treated to a private viewing of the Pandas an hour before the zoo opens to the public. It was incredible.


August: Girls Trip Part 3, camping in Banff. The air was full of smoke but it was only really bad on the last day of our trip.


August: We spent as much time as we could down at the river playing in the water & sand. It was a favorite Sunday activity of the summer.


September: This girl started third grade, she’s in a 3/4 split (which I do not love) but she has such a great teacher and she thinks he’s pretty amazing.


September: We paid for the early warm weather in May by getting hit by multiple snow storms in the fall.



September: My dear friend & photographer took our family photos in the perfect fall setting, we only had to reschedule one time to avoid a snow storm.


September: This guy and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. This picture is so perfectly us.


October: I welcomed 40 with open arms… and champagne.  I didn’t want to be all hum bug about this birthday so I turned it into something fun & exciting. How’s 40? So far so good.

oct 2

We canoed well into October, bundling up and getting in as many trips as we could.


October: Cory had knee surgery to repair years of damage & injury.


November: Anna turned 8 and we celebrated for 3 days straight. Friend party, family party and then just the 3 of us. Eight is Great!

nov 2

November: we attended Glow for the first time and loved all the lights & displays.


dec 2

December: Anna & I flew off to California for an girl’s adventure to Disneyland. I have always wanted to see it during the holidays and this year I made it happen. The trip was incredible & I am so grateful that Cory is always encouraging these memory making trips. He couldn’t come but we’re booking him in for 2021.

dec 3

December: Anna’s school concert was so amazing, this small school with such a big heart and incredible talent. Anna participated in the concert with the whole school as well as in the choir and the hand bell choir.


December:  We celebrated a truly wonderful holiday with my family. We laughed hard & often. We remembered Dad & missed him terribly. We drank wine and ate all the food. My heart is full when I think of all these faces.



We closed out the year at my Aunt & Uncle’s cabin, enjoying more food than imaginable, playing games & enjoying the peace.

Thank you 2018, you were lovely.




  1. What a wonderful year! Whilst reading me too took a look back and it made me smile to think of all the great adventures we as a family had together. Thank you very much for sharing your memories:)

    All the best


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