New Card Kits



I spent most of yesterday finishing up my card kits from Treasured Memories and today I’m working away on new projects. With all the new product we have coming into the store I feel dizzy with all the ideas I have floating around my head. After I dropped Anna off at school this morning I pressed play on the newest season of Scandal (on Netflix) and got busy creating. I am hoping to have demo photos to share by the end of the week.

Until then, here are my latest cards. Kits are available complete with product, instructions & photos at Treasured Memories.


These gorgeous papers are from the Simple Stories‘ collection Posh.

And side note…. in case you wanted to know what my face looks like as I watch the last 5 minutes of a (pretty much all of them) Scandal episode. You’re welcome….


Valentine Cards


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the kids or for couples, it’s for all of us. Whether you’re calling it Valentine or Gal-entine or  Pal-entine there really is something for all of us. I created these cards for my tribe of women, my Gal-entines. It’s a simple gesture that says “Hey! I was thinking about you and I think you’re wonderful.” I wrote in most of them something I loved about them- their kind hearts, their beautiful spirits, etc. I created simple cards using the Valentine collection from Crate paper, the latte stickers were perfect as each card also got a $5 gc from Starbucks. I started buying after Christmas each time I had a $5 bill. This way the expense didn’t feel so big and small amounts spread out over time were more manageable for me.

Today I’m making Valentine cupcakes for Anna’s class and apple tarts for our dinner tomorrow. I love love and I we love goodies over here so baking seems like a wonderful gift for our tummies. 🙂


Making the most of Winter.


Layout created using the Winter Wonderland collection from Simple Stories.

The winter can be dreadful, with temperatures feeling like -37 or worse it can be hard to love this season. Never mind love, it can be hard to even like it. The cold temperatures leave me feeling trapped so the second it warms up we head outside. I want to like winter, I want to show Anna how great winter activities can be. Without the winter & the snow there are so many things we couldn’t do. Sledding, building snowmen, snowshoeing, skating (outside), snowball fights- the list goes on.

This past Christmas I wanted to get us all something that we could do together, outside and as a family. We decided on snowshoes.


Our river valley is gorgeous, there are so many places to go and better yet-  they’re all free! The valley golf course is open for cross country skiing and snowshoeing and it’s a beautiful backdrop, especially with those bright blue skies & sunshine.


Snowshoeing, sledding and building snowmen are my favorite winter activities. I also love the sound of the snow crunching under my feet.


Our Olaf has since melted to the point where his face fell out and then he froze again into a big ice blob but we enjoyed him while it lasted.


Anna’s favorite winter activities include sledding and snowball fights. I had to dive out of the path of this one and ended up getting more snow down my pants than if I’d have stayed in one place and let the snowball hit me. She thought that was pretty darn funny and considered it a win.

What do you love about winter?