Edmonton Ice Castle

How lucky are we that our home city hosts this amazing event. This is Edmonton’s second year hosting the Ice Castle, last year was the first castle built outside of the USA and the most popular in the company’s history. Way to go Edmonton! This year- the castle is way bigger and even more spectacular! I basically walk around with my mouth wide open in awe.

We went on a Monday evening to the 5-5:30pm time slot. The sun was well on it’s way down but we got to see both day & night views of the ice. I only took photos with my phone so many of the images are grainy because of the light but photos don’t do it justice anyways. Seeing it in person is a winter must do for us. Tickets can be found here and I do recommend buying tickets ahead of time. One- they’re cheaper & two-time slots sell out so this way you’re getting what you want.


Fun Fact: there is over 25000 tons of ice


Fun Fact: The castle is created with hand placed icicles. 10000 icicles are grown each day and harvested by icicles farmers (I can’t tell you how much I love that- icicle farmers). The castle is 100% ice and has no other inner structure.


Fun Fact: Each tower is 10-20 feet thick

Fun Fact: The water used is taken from the North Saskatchewan River, treated and then  in the spring the water returns to the river. This is referred to as non-consumptive use.

Fun Fact: The icicles will not fall. This is because there is no weak point limiting the strength of the structure. When the castle melts it does so from the smallest point up.


Fun Fact: The lights are placed right inside the ice as it’s being built/frozen.

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