Another batch of Christmas layouts

These are the remaining layouts created from the month kit from Treasured Memories. You can see the first three on my last post. Again, I just love creating with these kits. The ease, the lack of overthinking- it’s great.


I love how this layout turned out. The papers from Bella Blvd are so bright and colorful and I love that, they were perfect for punching into these circles.


I wanted to hand stitch a title for this one, I’m on the fence about it though. I wrote the word¬†Merry, poked the holes, erased the lines and then added in the stitching. I thought it looked funny until I added the machine stitched circles. My favourite part is the hanging ornaments… and the cutie in the photo. ūüėČ


Scrapbooking photos of my Dad is both hard and healing. I miss him so much, the holidays are hard and knowing that he will never be at our gatherings again, that Anna will not grow up with him makes me ache. This photo was taken at our last Christmas together, I’m so grateful for this day and these photos. I remember it well, we had so much fun. Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

I hate to leave this post with a sad tone so I will just emphasize how grateful I am for memory keeping. Grateful for photos & stories. They allow me touch the past and heal my heart. ‚ô•

Christmas Layouts

I assembled and designed the pages for the December Month kit for Treasured Memories. Side note: our month kits come out on the first of every month and are packed full of amazing scrapbooking product for an amazing deal!

I only created 6 pages with the kit because of lack of time on my part but there is so much product left over I could probably create at least 3-4 more. I love creating with a kit, I don’t have to overthink anything and all the product I need to create with is right there. It’s perfect.




A Visit with Santa

There are few things I love more than the magic of Christmas. For me it’s the deep belief of this 6 year old girl. As I stand back and watch her marvel at all of it I am constantly over come with emotion. There won’t be many years left of this and I want to soak up every single second. It’s magic, her pure heart and pure mind make my heart burst. I want to surround her in these magical feelings for as long as I can. I want to keep her little for as long as I can, I want to keep her spirit alive & light for as long as I can.

We often talk about magic in our house. I tell her that we have to believe in magic or the magic will never find us. We talk about her Elf on the Shelf in much the same way. If you don’t believe in the magic of him then it wouldn’t be as much fun. We also talked a little about Santa this year, she is realizing things and asking questions. ¬†I asked what she would do if someone at school told her he wasn’t real. She looked at me so shocked and said she wouldn’t believe them. I told her that she only had to believe what she believed and that they were allowed to believe what they wanted. I told her that lots of people don’t believe in Santa and that that was OK. I told her that I believed in the magic of Christmas and that because I believed in it, the magic always found it’s way into my life.¬†So much is out of our control as parents but these things I can help steer and hopefully help her in creating her own magic someday.


In the above photo she is giving Santa a card she made thanking him and letting him know he was the best Santa and that she loved him. He was amazing, his energy & spirit were contagious.

She walked up and he fell back into his chair ¬†“Anna! Hello! I remember you! Only you had more teeth last year and you were a little bit shorter.”

HER FACE! I can’t even describe it! She was speechless!


He spent at least 10 minutes talking to her…. talking about everything. Elves, her wish list, his reindeer, his magical gloves- it was so perfect!


I was literally beaming and for a split second he had me forgetting all about reality. I felt the magic of the whole experience and I walked away with the happiest of hearts.

Thank you Santa. ‚ô•


Anna turns 6



Anna turned 6 mid way through November and we celebrated with an “Under the Sea” party. Saying that I loved getting ready for this party would be an understatement. I worked on decorations for almost 2 weeks in between all my Christmas creating. Cory & I cleared out the one room in our basement and I hung up $1.25 ¬†plastic table cloths on the walls to create “water”. I pretty much used Pinterest as my bible for these decorations. Seriously- search “under the sea” party… it’s amazing and there are so many ideas.¬†img_9514

We had the girls paint picture frames and then I hot glued shells to them. We hired a face painter and then when all the girls were done we took a group photo. I printed the photos off on my Selphy and we put them in their frames. That was their “goodie bag” as well as one of the mermaid cookies below. The rest of the time was basically free play, eating and chewing as many gum balls that they could get their hands on! You can always tell the kids that aren’t allowed to have gum.


I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented women, my friend Sharla has a Cookie & Cake company and I had her make me these amazing cookies for us! I can’t get over how freakin cute they were! If you need specialty goodies- The Little Cookie & Cake Co is a sure bet and her pricing is so reasonable!

The Octopus (we referred to him as a Sixtopus (hee hee) as I only gave him 6 tentacles) was one of my favorite pieces to create. How cute is he!! The jelly fish were one of Anna’s favorites. ¬†Almost all the rest of the decorations were cut with my Silhouette Cameo. The shells, coral, starfish, mermaids, bubbles & seahorses- so easy and perfect!

We have taken most of the decorations down so we could have our basement back but the jelly fish and Sixtopus remain. This girl makes me so happy and doing a party like this is 100% worth all the fuss. All the little details are as much for me as they are for her. Birthday parties are the best!